Our Commitment

Premium Materials - 100% Highest Quality Wool

Unique Finnish Design - By Annukka Mikkola, MA in Art of Textile

Customer Satisfaction - Free Shipping Within the UK

How It Works

  • 1. Choose Your Textiles

    You have two options for purchasing our mini textiles:

    1. Choose your preferred pieces individually. This is ideal if you want to create your own color and shape combination.
    2. Select from our ready-made combinations. These pre-designed sets consist of separate pieces curated and designed by Annukka Mikkola.
  • 2. Place Order Online

    We make every effort to process and ship orders promptly. Typically, orders are processed within 1-2 business days after they are placed. Shipping times can vary based on the selected shipping method and the package's destination. For shipments within the UK, DPD shipping generally takes 2-3 working days.

    However, please note that custom orders may require longer lead times.

  • 3. Ready-To-Use for Hanging

    We have attached Command’s damage-free adhesive strips at the back of the textiles so that they’re ready to be hung on the wall. Simply remove the liners, and press firmly 60 seconds on the top set and 60 seconds on the bottom set.

    Read here how to safely remove the strips without causing damage.

  • 4. Aftercare

    You can eliminate any potential lint by using a lint removal roller. Additionally, you can use scissors to trim any individual threads that may be protruding. Wool is one of the most resilient materials globally, ensuring that you can relish your wall textiles for many years to come!

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We Value Each of Our Customers

“I purchased my first L-shaped textiles 20 years ago. They have become very dear to me, and the most important interior design element of my home. People often compliment them!”

Sirkku Finland

“The functionality of the Reblok concept is impressive. It opens the possibility for endless combinations. Soft wool blends seamlessly with the otherwise sturdy interior materials.”

John United Kingdom

Benefits of Our Wall Textiles

Classic and unique design by Finnish artist Annukka Mikkola

Versatility - endless textile combinations

Natural insulation - wool maintains a warm interior in winter and a cool one in summer

Sound absorption - wool reduces noise, creating a serene atmosphere

Easy to clean and maintain - sturdy and enduring material

Suitable for those with allergies

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About Us

Reblok is a family-owned company specializing in the creation of art textiles for interior design.

The journey began when Annukka introduced the first L-shaped wall rugs as part of her exhibition and installation at the Johan S Gallery in Helsinki back in 2002.

Fast forward 20 years, the Reblok collection was born with a fundamental mission: to infuse spaces with color, art, and a sense of playfulness.

What sets our wall textiles apart is their remarkable versatility and practicality. They offer an array of endless combinations, making them a unique choice for enhancing any interior.

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